Today is Sunday

Today is Sunday, but it won’t be a very different day from the others. Sunrise is around 7:45, often hidden by thick clouds on the horizon; sunset is around 8:15 PM, also obscured by clouds. The hours mentioned are purely conventional, as we have maintained the timezone of our departure location until now. As we progress on our journey, we will update the onboard timezone depending on our location. We are always accompanied by the flight of boobies, and judging by the frequency of their dives into the sea, there is no shortage of fish. Unfortunately, we also unintentionally claim some victims; in the morning, we often find dried-up fish that have encountered our boat in the midst of their flight. Since we are traveling with favorable winds, the rolling on board is constant, and below deck, it feels like being inside a blender. This is absolutely normal during ocean crossings, with moderately high and long waves. The implication is the need to adopt a strategy to contain the damage from rolling and sudden shifting of objects, especially during meals! Since yesterday afternoon, the wind has shifted and is coming from ENE, so we have reversed the twin sails by moving the yankee to the new port side and the “trinchettona” to the right. Today the wind is slightly stronger, and we manage to reach a speed of 6+ knots on average.

One-third of the route
Half way through

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