SAIL OUT OF THE BOX describes in a paraphrase the very root of our project: expanding the boundaries we have lived in for so many years. In its simplest form, the BOX represents the geographical horizons within which we have typically lived and navigated. More importantly, it refers to the boundaries determined by our habits, knowledge and needs.

To SAIL OUT OF THE BOX, we decided to take a pause and experience new perspectives of life. In 2015 we purchased a 20 year old boat, Zoe, that suited our needs. We spent a year and a half preparing it for the big journey… from Rome to the other side of the world(!). While the details of the full plan keep changing, you can review OUR ITINERARY which includes an adventurous start on October 1st, 2016 from Fiumicino (Rome), the landing in Barbados on December 12th, the exploration of the Lesser and Greater Antilles in 2017, a period of total relaxation in the beautiful archipelago of the San Blas Islands in the Caribbean part of Panama, the passage of the Panama Canal towards the Pacific Ocean and the navigation heading north to Baja California, where Zoe is currently on dry waiting for us to continue our journey.


I live in Rome where I moved several years ago for business reasons. Since then I have enjoyed living in this city that offers so many attractions both cultural and environmental. I am a veterinarian by education and my work career has developed in the…


  My passion for sailing developed since I was a child, though my homeland was the mountains. I started sailing dinghies and cruising boats only in the second part of my life, purely as a hobby in my limited free time.I am an organizational psychologist and I…