marina-riveire-sensOn January 29th we arrived at the Marina in Riviere Sens, a cozy village close to Basse Terre – south west of Guadalupe. Here we had the first encounter with pelicans in the wild! They were everywhere, diving into the water to catch fishes.


Deshaies from the boat

We stayed in Riviere Sens a couple of days. We then moved to the north and we anchored in Deshaies, a small and colored village that unfortunately we only saw from a distance, as it was our spring board to St Martin.

The sailing from Riviere Sens to Des was characterized by a never ending series of fantastic rainbows, of which you can just get an idea out of the pictures posted.

On February 1st at 10:00am we left heading to St Martin. The first island we encountered on this route was Montserrat, an island which we originally planned to visit, but we were discouraged by the unfortunate condition of the island after the volcanic eruptions in 1995, that destroyed half of the island that is still established as “exclusion area”. When we passed close by, we could see first hand the desolation caused by the lava pouring. Some areas are still covered by lush vegetation, that gives an idea of how the island was in the past. We then passed The Kingdom of Redonda, Nevis, St Kitts, Statia and Saba, but our appointment with our friends in St Martin did not allow us to stop. WE will come back to some of them later in the month.

cost-with-rainbow cost-with-rainbow-2
cost-with-rainbow-3 cost-with-rainbow-4

Les Saints
Sint Maarten

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