Heading to Ibiza

Today is Columbus Day, which sounds as a great wish for our trip. It is a very happy day, because yesterday we were able to fix the autopilot issue.

img-20161011-wa0002We took the device apart and found out that a plastic gear was completely rounded byimg-20161012-wa0000 years of friction with 4 brass gears. We were lucky enough to find the replacement kit in Palma de Mallorca, and even more lucky to meet Pedro and Vicky (if you read this post, pls send us a photo!) who very very nicely changed their route to take us on time to the store that was closing at 4pm. The next bus ride from Porto Petro to Palma would have not taken us there on time.

We found the spare part, bought a few additional tools (a good portion of the boat space is filled with tools…), and after a few hours of work (wondering if we would have ever been able to put it back together) we had a perfectly working autopilot ready to serve us for the next (hopefully) months to come.

Today we left Porto Petro and we are heading to Ibiza where we plan to arrive around 1.00am. It is  a15 hours ride with good wind.

Porto Petro, Mallorca
From Ibiza to Alicante


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