Porto Petro, Mallorca

You might have wondered why we did not spend time sailing around the wonderful Maddalena archipelago. We missed to tell that we need to reach Gibraltar on October 20th, as we are expecting a brand new wind wane to be delivered there. There are about 900 nautical miles between Rome and Gibraltar, and we are not even half way through! This is why yesterday we decided – based on the wind angle – to head further south to Mallorca, the main20161012_173653 Balearic Island.

In the middle of last night the drive unit of the autopilot suddenly made a noise of crunched gears and stopped working. We therefore did what any sailor was doing some dozen years ago… steer the wheel manually and get to Porto Petro after 12 hours of shifts at the wheel!

Heading to the Balearic Islands
Heading to Ibiza

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