Landing in Sardinia

At 4:00am we are arriving in Golfo Aranci after 44 hours of challenging navigation crossing the Sardinia channel (see photo of the interiors…). We had the chance to 20161004_225259test the new yankee which replaced the former genoa, the newly rollable staysail and the code 0. All these brand new sails demonstrated to perform really well, and we are very optimimg_20161012_171541istic for their use in out trip.

Unfortunately, in the morning of October 3rd, when we hit up to 30 knots of wind and we had the boat running tilted with the gunwale in the water for hours (which should normally be totally ok), a hole on the side of the hull – designed to host the exhaust pipe of the heating system – was giving way to dozens of gallons of water entering the boat. Looking back, there is a chance that the hole was not sealed because who installed it was not planning to use the boat in challenging situations, or simply it was bad quality craftsmanship – whatever the intention the result is that with the help of a hammer, a cork and some sealant now the hole is filled and the exhaust pipe removed – we will not need heating in the Caribbeans!

We set sails!
Heading to the Balearic Islands

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