We set sails!

After several months of preparation with the invaluable help of our friends, today we finally set sails toward North of Sardinia, the first step to reach the Caribbeans in December.

It is a Sunday morning; until yesterday night we had workers on the boat fixing last minute unexpected problems.

On the good side, the last few days were filled by friends who came to give us a good bye. We felt surrounded by a very warm atmosphere, full of interest for the voyage that we were about to initiate.

Agnese and Domenico painting
Lunch and farewell

It is 8:00am and we are leaving the dockyard were Zoe was moored in the last few months. A floating trunk coming from the Tiber is obstructing the way out from the dockyard. Is it the first of a set of obstacles on our way to the Caribbeans? We will find out…

The First Post
Landing in Sardinia


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