I live in Rome where I moved to several years ago for business reasons. Since then I have enjoyed living in this city that offers so many attractions both cultural and environmental. I am a veterinarian by education but my work career has developed in the primatology field as a researcher at the Italian National Research Council for more than 30 years. My work expertise ranges from animal behavior to welfare of non-human primates (monkeys!) maintained in captivity; I spent a significant part of my career studying these animals and promoting their welfare. Since 2016 I am retired from the CNR, though I am still involved in a non-profit international foundation dedicated to the education of professionals working with animals. My passion for sailing dates back several years ago when I had my first experience sailing from Toulon through the Spanish Coast to the Baleares, ending to northern Sardinia. Apart from sailing, Sergio and I share several passions, one of which is cooking and developing recipes that are rooted in our traditions – we grow our small vegetable garden.