Setting sails to Polinesia

Wednesday, April 10th: The departure day has arrived. After completing the formalities at the port authority to leave Mexico, we hoisted the sails and set off for French Polynesia! The boat is packed with food and supplies for the next month of sailing and beyond, to the extent that the scent of tropical fruits fills the galley and cabin, a scent that will only increase in the days to come. After various checks, Zoe is ready and well-equipped for the long voyage. The next and final stop before French Polynesia will be Socorro or Clarion, depending on the wind, respectively 350 and 550 miles from Puerto Vallarta. These two islands, belonging to the small archipelago of Revillagigedo, are the last southwestern outposts of Mexican territory. Leaving Mexico brings back a rush of memories; since 2019, we have lived in this country for six months a year, excluding the period of Covid. Our experiences have been overwhelmingly positive, so it is with some regret that we leave Mexico. The images of the colorful and traditional villages, the elegant colonial cities, the archaeological sites, and the lush jungle are still vivid in our minds. One of the highlights for us was the Sea of Cortez, described by Costeau as the “world’s aquarium.” Indeed, we were able to enjoy the spectacle of whale groups just meters from our boat, flying rays, sea lions with which we also swam, groups of hundreds of dolphins, and among the many seabirds, we particularly fondly remember the pelicans. But what struck us most favorably were the people; in all contexts, except for rare exceptions, we found great hospitality, kindness, and willingness to help us. Our (limited) knowledge of Spanish probably favored us, facilitating straightforward and spontaneous communication. Our impression is that Mexico is a country developing rapidly, both economically and socially. Unfortunately, a major obstacle is represented by drug trafficking, which is growing significantly, especially in the country’s depressed areas. Another aspect that struck us is the presence of women in most administrative roles; it is probably not a coincidence that the two main candidates in the June presidential elections are women.

Socorro, the last land

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