From Huatulco to Acapulco

On the 2nd of January we spent the afternoon walking around La Crucecita, one of the two small villages in the Huatulco bay. The town is full of colorful shops and bars. We had a margarita at a bar overlooking the main square, enjoying the company of a US couple that we met on our way to the town. They sail on Tivoli, a Beneteau First 42 and they are on their way back to San Francisco from where they left 9 years ago.

ZOE sailing

January 3rd – ZOE photographed from the sailboat Tivoli on our way to Puerto Angel

The following morning we left Huatulco (Marina Chahue) heading to Puerto Angel, about 25 nm north, unfortunately enjoying very little wind. The bay of Puerto Angel was crowded with pangas and with music at a high volume played at the restaurants on the beach. We were not impressed with this place that was supposed to be a fisherman village – likely some years ago! So the day after early in the morning we set sails towards Puerto Escondido. After a few dozen miles we had to turn on again the engine and motorsail. However, we were pleased to sketch dozens of turtles very confidently swimming close by our boat. In fact, this area is renown because of the high density of different spices of turtles that come here to deposit their eggs on the many beaches. For us it was a real surprise to be able to observe these beautiful creatures breeding apparently undisturbed by our presence.

Puerto Escondido is quite famous as a town for vacation and not surprisingly was quite crowded of people and beach games, possibly because this is high season for vacationers in this area.

2020-01-04 15.32.20 DMC-FZ200 Puerto Escpondido

January 4th – Puerto Escondido

We therefore decided to leave early the next morning to head to Acapulco as we had to travel about 180 nm. We arrived in Acapulco at about 3.30pm after a very smooth overnight navigation.

2020-01-06 14.51.46 DMC-FZ200 Acapulco

January 6th – Entering the Acapulco Bay

Entering the beautiful bay of Acapulco, we were impressed by this never ending line of white buildings all along the coast. We moored at the Marina Acapulco, a very protected place in the NW part of the bay.

2020-01-06 17.57.23 Armor_6E

January 6th – The Marina Acapulco

2020-01-07 07.51.09 DMC-FZ200

January 7th – The Marina Acapulco

We were very eager to explore the city for its controversial reputation. Acapulco, that today counts about 1 million people, grew dramatically in the late 40s becoming the favorite vacation place for Hollywood stars. We decided to take a tour to visit the city upon the recommendation of fellow sailors who did it before us. We visited the central market, enjoying the usual experience of colors and smells that extend along a very large area of the city. The tour took us to the Flamingo Hotel who was the vacation residence of some famous Hollywood actors (such as John Wayne and “Tarzan” Johnny Weissmuller) and that amazed us for the great panoramic position. However, the highlight of the tour were the divers at the Quebrada. Five young professionals jumped, in turn, in the narrow stretch of water 12 to 24 meters below them. To avoid injuries they must calculate the right moment to jump to catch the incoming wave. Despite the touristic character of the show, it was an exciting experience to be there.

2020-01-07 13.34.32 DMC-FZ200

January 7th – Entrance to La Quebrada

The day after it was Gemma’s birthday, so we booked a very scenic restaurant overlooking the Marques Bay, the new Acapulco high end residential area. We had an excellent dinner in a very cozy atmosphere.

2020-01-08 19.51.13 moto x4

January 8th – Dinner at Zibu celebrating Gemma’s Birthday

All in all, we enjoyed Acapulco very much, with its old taxi cars, the long beaches full of every type of people, the skyline, and the promenades. It was a “cannot miss” experience.

2020-01-06 18.16.28 Armor_6E

One of the promenades in Acapulco

2020-01-06 18.34.31 Armor_6E

The beach of the Acapulco Bay at night

2020-01-07 18.31.36 moto x4

2020-01-07 10.14.40 DMC-FZ200

View of the Acapulco Bay

On January 9th we left Acapulco, heading toward Zihuatenejo.

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    Brigitte Morel — January 27, 2020 at 4:07 am

    Amazing how it has changed ! I was there 40 years ago . Don t know if I would like to see it again …. think I would be very disappointed although it looks beautiful . Love from Emilia and I

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