Nicaragua and Costa Rica by land

On February 4th, after having secured Zoe at the Yacht Club Costa Rica, we spent about three weeks in south Nicaragua and northwest Costa Rica.

We took three buses to reach Penas Blancas, the border with Nicaragua, and from there a taxi to reach Granada, laying on the large Lake Nicaragua . We found Granada to be one of the most beautiful colonial cities we have seen in Central America, with its colored houses and churches. We explored the nearby area, the Volcán Masaya, Laguna de Apoyo, Volcán Mombacho, the Isletas of Granada, Isla Zapatera and Isla del Muerto. We rented a car to explore San Juan del Sur (where we will return by boat) and some of the nearby surf beaches, and to visit the Isla de Ometepe, a beautiful island inside Lake Nicaragua featuring two impressive volcano.

It took us about 7 hours to get to San Carlos (on the south east corner of Lake Nicaragua) by bus, and from there about 2 hours by boat to reach El Castillo, an enchanting  village on the Rio San Juan. In El Castillo we spent a few relaxing days admiring from the terrace of our B&B the waters of the Rio San Juan and visiting the old Spanish fortress. We took a day trip to explore downstream Rio San Juan and to walk along the trails of the Refugio Bartola park.

On February 19th we returned to Granada and from there to Costa Rica where we spent three days in the region of Guanacaste, a cattle and dry forest place, with a few volcano still giving signs of their nature. We had the opportunity to swim in a true hot water river, running for kilometers with its hot and later warm thermal waters. We took a bus from Liberia to return to our boat, getting the opportunity to appreciate this extremely live city, offering the best gourmet food we tried in the region.

We found Zoe in good health, still needing our attention for some maintenance we had procrastinated for too long…  And, we prepared it to host our friends Marie-Helene and Thierry who are arriving today to accompany us again for a small segment of our journey!


2019-02-04 17.30.47 DMC-FZ200

February 4th – Granada cathedral and lake Nicaragua


2019-02-06 15.20.24 moto x4

February 6th – Laguna de Apoyo


2019-02-06 16.40.54 moto x4

February 6th – Artist at San Juan de Oriente


2019-02-06 17.34.59 moto x4

February 6th – Volcán Masaya crater



2019-02-07 09.25.12 DMC-FZ200

February 7th – Volcán Mombacho forest


2019-02-07 09.47.23 DMC-FZ200

February 7th – Orchid at Volcán Mombacho


2019-02-07 10.02.18 DMC-FZ200

February 7th – Orchid at Volcán Mombacho



2019-02-09 12.00.16 moto x4

February 9th – Beach at San Juan del Sur


2019-02-09 17.41.26 moto x4

February 9th – Sunset at Playa Hermosa


2019-02-10 08.33.03 moto x4

February 10th – Oxen pulling a cart in San Juan del Sur


2019-02-10 10.56.15 DMC-FZ200

February 10th – Volcán Concepción, Isla de Ometepe


2019-02-11 08.16.32 moto x4

February 10th – Volcán Concepción, Isla de Ometepe



2019-02-11 16.00.28 DMC-FZ200

February 11th – Leaving Isla de Ometepe by ferry


2019-02-12 09.31.43 DMC-FZ200

February 12th – Back to Granada


2019-02-12 10.30.26 moto x4

February 12th – Choice of vinegar at the Granada market


2019-02-12 10.33.11 DMC-FZ200

February 12th – Granada Market


2019-02-12 10.48.34 DMC-FZ200

February 12th – Granada


2019-02-13 10.04.53 DMC-FZ200

February 13th – School at Isla Zapatera


2019-02-13 10.44.31 DMC-FZ200

February 13th – Petroglyphs at Isla Zapatera


2019-02-15 16.38.30 moto x4

February 15th – El Castillo castle


2019-02-15 16.39.11 DMC-FZ200

February 15th – El Castillo, view of the river San Juan


2019-02-15 16.44.58 moto x4

February 15th – El Castillo, view of the river San Juan


2019-02-17 09.02.21 DMC-FZ200

February 17th – Parque Bartola, a green and black poison dart frog


2019-02-17 09.06.52 DMC-FZ200

February 17th – Parque Bartola, a blue jeans poison dart frog


2019-02-17 14.00.16 DMC-FZ200

February 17th – Rio San Juan, fish eagle


2019-02-17 15.38.23 DMC-FZ200

February 17th – Rio San Juan, Anhinga anhinga


2019-02-19 07.44.58 DMC-FZ200

February 19th – The village of El Castillo


2019-02-19 09.29.43 DMC-FZ200

February 19th – The boat from El Castillo to San Carlos


2019-02-19 16.50.27 DMC-FZ200

February 19th – The bus from San Carlos to Granada


2019-02-20 17.02.13 DMC-FZ200

February 20th – Back to Granada


2019-02-20 17.43.37 moto x4

February 20th – Granada Cathedral


2019-02-20 18.05.25 moto x4

February 20th – Plaza de la Catedral, Granada



2019-02-22 13.43.46 DMC-FZ200

February 22nd – Rio Perdido, a hot water (42° C) river


2019-02-22 14.07.54 DMC-FZ200

February 22nd – Rio Perdido



2019-02-22 16.19.52 DMC-FZ200

February 22nd – Baby hawler monkey at Rio Perdido



2019-02-23 11.33.07 DMC-FZ200

February 23rd – Spider monkey at Parque Rincon de la Vieja


2019-02-23 11.49.33 DMC-FZ200

February 23rd – Enchanted forest at Parque Rincon de la Vieja


2019-02-23 12.22.47 DMC-FZ200

February 23rd – White-throated Magpie-Jay at Parque Rincon de la Vieja


2019-02-23 15.33.08 DMC-FZ200

February 23rd – Hot springs at Parque Rincon de la Vieja


2019-02-28 12.16.28 moto x4

February 28th – Provisioning before leaving


From Quepos to Puntarenas (65 nm)
From Puntarenas to Bahia Carrillo (91 nm)


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