From Pedregal to Isla Canal de Fuera (105 nm)

On December 22nd we left Pedregal at 13:00 heading to the Coiba National Park, which consists of several islands, including Isla Coiba, which by the way is the largest island in the Pacific Central America.

2018-12-21 18.30.49 DMC-FZ200

December 21st – Night on the river

We followed our way out down the river, where we had to spend a night to wait for the high tide to pass a few shallow areas. The day after we met the same (???) dolphins we spotted on our way in; it was again a great show! We arrived in Isla Parida just before sunset and we anchored there for the night.

2018-12-23 09.04.02 DMC-FZ200

December 23rd – Isla Parida

The next morning, we intended to reach Islas Secas, but all of the sudden we got strong wind and high waves (despite forecasts) so we decided to find shelter in a beautiful bay in the south part of Isla Bolano.

2018-12-23 13.19.11 DMC-FZ200 Bolanos

December 23rd – Isla Bolano

2018-12-23 18.24.04 DMC-FZ200 - Bolano

December 23rd – Isla Bolano

With much milder winds the day after we reached Islas Secas, that are among our most favorite islands. We seem not to be the only one, though… in fact there is a luxurious resort, well hidden in the forest, where (we have been told) an accommodation is priced 2000$ a night.

For once, there was somebody else in the bay where we anchored. It was Kianga, a 50-foot catamaran with a couple of Swiss people on board who approached us by dinghy to wish us Merry Christmas. This is how we met Beat and Daniela who we learned where headed in two weeks to Costa Rica as well. We promised to keep in touch and we set sail toward the Islas Contreras.

2018-12-24 17.51.18 DMC-FZ200

Kianga at Islas Secas

On December 26th we left the Islas Contreras in search of internet signal since we would have liked to communicate with friends and family, so we headed to Bahia Honda, a small fisherman village best looking from a distance than ashore and with no possibility to reach a network. Hopeless, we decided to forget about the world of internet and focus on nature. We went to anchor for the night at Isla Canal de Fuera, the northern entry to the Coiba National Park.

2018-12-25 14.04.55 DMC-FZ200 Washing in Isla Contreras

December 25th – Washing at Islas Contreras


2018-12-26 16.18.14 DMC-FZ200 Bahia Honda

December 26th – Fisherman village in Bahia Honda

San Josè - Costa Rica and Boquete (by land)
Coiba National Park (85 nm)

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