Cuba – Trinidad, Santa Clara and Remedios

On the 19th we were picked up at the marina by a taxi that we reserved through a tourist organization for our trip to Trinidad. It took us about 1.5 hour to get to the town passing along a coastal road where we assisted to the crossing of  thousands of orange and black crabs. These crustaceans leave in land and reach the sea to deposit several hundreds eggs each. Unfortunately, the crossing turns into a lottery of how many of them are killed by the cars passing by.


Trinidad is a small, beautiful town where you can appreciate something picturesque at every corner. The cathedral square is the center of the city and features a very rich and well maintained garden with old style iron panks and a marble statue representing Tersicore, the musa of the dance. We spent the rest of the day waking through the very


colorful streets full of souvenir shops and crowded of tourists. We visited the museum  of controrevolution where we learned about the guerilla carried out in the early 60s by the “bandidos” (controrevolutionary forces) against Fidel.


After a day of “resting” in Cienfuegos we went to Santa Clara to visit the memorial of Che Guevara. What a disappointment when, arriving at the museum, we found out that it was closed due to the rain! The cemetery close by hosts all fighters that gave birth to the revolution together with Fidel, Che Guevara and Camillo Cienfuegos who was another hero of the revolution.  While many of the graveyards dated 1958, some are still empty!


We continued towards Remedios, a small colonial city completely restaured. We had lunch for a very reasonable price in a nice restaurant owned by the state. Walking along one of the narrow streets we passed by a tobacco factory where we could see – looking through the windows – the process of making cigars from the tobacco lives.

Cigar factory in Remedios

On the way back to Cienfuegos we crossed many sugar cane plantations, still a wide spread cultivation in Cuba for the production of sugar and rum, the liquor used for many famous cocktails. It was interesting to observe that in the countryside the main mean of transportation is still based on the horse.

We spent the last few days in mainland Cuba staying in La Havana, and had a day trip to Viñales, a country area famous for the tobacco production and the very special landscapes.
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