The Trade Winds

Yesterday we had for the first time in days a sprout of constant wind. During the day very fieble, then at night increasingly significant. The direction and the force let us think we finally met the distinguished Trade Winds, so we set the front sails wing-on-wing to catch them at best – hopefully we’ll be able to keep this setting until we get to Barbados.

Today is the 14th day of navigation and we find ourselves quite adapted to the passage lifestyle. The most difficult aspect is the constant rolling, that makes any activity difficult to complete, such as cooking, sleeping, or simply walking. While at the beginning we had to force ourselves to do things anyway now it is becoming much more natural.

The temperature is rapidly increasing, giving us a tangible proof that we are getting closer to the equator; as a matter of fact we are only 15° N to it!


Flying fishes
1200 miles to go!


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    paolom49 — December 3, 2016 at 6:42 pm

    at last the wind! I was sorry thinking of you without wind in the middle of the Atlantic. Now you have the power which will take you directly to your destination. Put the past week in the basket of experience and see to what is coming. It will always be a value. Happy sailing!

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