Our days in Tenerife

We spent about 10 days in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where the Cornell rally was set to start.

We attended 3 day workshops, covering several aspects of a transoceanic passage, including managing provisions, leaving for an extended time on board, etc.

They also organized atenerife-vulcano few social events: a welcome party, where we had the chance to meet the other crews; a guided tour of the Tenerife island, getting at the foot of the Teide vulcan (3700m, the highest mountain of Spain); a visit to the museum of natural science.

We found Santa Cruz to be not very attractive when seen from the coast, but after visiting the very alive downtown streets, especially the public market, we were happy to be change our first impression.


One of the attractiontenerife-sassis of Santa Cruz is the Auditorium designed by Calatrava (along with the stones painted with the portraits of famous composers and singers), and the new marine next to it designed by Cesar manrique.


We also visited the military museum where we had a wonderful lunch at its cafeteria.military-museum









During our stay in Santa Cruz we spent quite  a bit of time still preparing Zoe for the passage. One of the

long waiting to-do-items was the cleaning of greasing of all winches. This was a very time consuming job, lasting 4-6 hours for each winch.

A day of tourism in Lanzarote
The Atlantic passage has started!

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