From Cartagena to Gibraltar

We spent two days in Cartagcartagena-rena trying to find a spare part for the main sail, unsuccessfully. It is an industrial and military port, which leaves not a great first impression, but walking along the promenade you get a sense of a town with its own peculiarity and authenticity.

We were little anxious exiting the harbor of Cartagena surrounded by military ships, a submarine (!!!) and several tankers.

We kind of rushed the route to Gibraltar, as we had goods arriving there that we needed to pick up. The real highlight of this segment were the dolphins. We unsuccessfully have been scanning the horizon searching for them since we left Rome, so when we were approached by dozens of dolphins we felt really joyful and enjoyed their jumps and swimming around the boat.

We arrived in Gibraltar early in the morning, having spent most of the night in a thick fog. The Raymarine plotter did an excellent job compensating for the strong current that we faced approaching the rock of Gibraltar. Through the pictures below you can get a rough idea of the climate we experienced heading to the marina.



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